The Struggle is Real: Failure is Impossible


You can do this. I believe in you.  If you don’t or can’t believe in yourself, yet, that is fine. Big hugs.  Maybe you can pretend, fake or do you best to hold the space for believing in yourself? Or if you can, then just trust that feeling. Remember you are not alone in your struggle and you never will be.  We all struggle differently and at various times, too. Also, remember you can do this, whatever it is. It may be daunting or anxiety producing, take a breath. It is ok to feel and think what you are. Breathing can help you sit with those things. After, count to 3, 10 or whatever works for you, and take a small step. It is a process, but has to start somewhere, if it is going to begin…if you are going to try and do what you can.

Many of us doubt ourselves a lot, sometimes or often, but I know that if we dig deep enough and try, that is enough. Perfection is not the goal. It may take anywhere from 2 to 500 tries (and that is ok)to do whatever it is you are trying do. Just know that each effort is important and something you did, learned from and grew as a result of doing. It is the effort not the outcome. There is no failure!!!! You cannot and so you will not fail.  #yesyoucan #believeinyourself#theeffortnottheoutcome #nofailure#weareallimperfect Mucho-AlyseMcKeal,LCSW

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