Sunday Night Motivation

I have missed sharing my thoughts with you all. I figured I would start again tonight.

The holidays and weekends can be stressful because we are so busy catching up from everything we couldn’t finish during the week. Or else we are running around trying to meet with family and friends and traveling back home for work on Monday.

It is an important time to remember that we need to take care of ourselves and we need to choose ourselves.  It is not selfish. It is necessary. Do so in a compassionate, loving way without causing any harm. Others will understand.

Perhaps we need more sleep because we are stressed and running around from event to event?

We may also be eating on the run, not drinking enough water and not getting the proper nutrition and exercise because we are swamped with going to work and volunteering and helping others out.

Maybe we aren’t getting enough downtime, not enough me-time to relax and rejuvenate. This is especially important for introverts and also highly sensitive people.

Our mental health must also be considered during these busy times. Are we feeling that our time is not being respected, our boundaries are being crossed, or we are having trouble saying no? If so, we need to get some time away to reflect upon things, feel our feelings, and meet our emotional needs mindfully. Some expressive or creative activity in addition to some quiet time can help with this.

Remember, we cannot help anyone else if we are not taking care of ourselves. It is impossible for us to do more than our best each day. And there are only 24 hours in a day, so some things will have to wait until tomorrow or as soon as we can get them.

The weight of the world is not upon us. Take deep breaths. Deep inhale feeling the belly go out and exhale feeling the belly retract and go inward.  Feel the body relaxing with each breath. Tension leaves the body with our exhales.

Our accomplishments, activity, and accountability and doing what we say we will do all of the time are not measurements of how good a person, sister, friend or whoever you are. It is just the reality of our lives…the measure is that we can only do so much. And that is enough. Whatever we do, however we do it, that is enough. It may not be our best today, but it is our best for this day. Tomorrow is another day if we are lucky and blessed to have one.  We don’t have to be everything and do everything. There is no perfection. Perfection is all of our beautiful imperfection. Let go.

Just do your best, no matter how it looks. Go gently on yourself and take care of you. Deep breath. Love yourself. Keep breathing.

Do you. That is enough. You are enough.

Much love on this journey and during these tumultuous times.

Our Thoughts and Positivity

We are connected and holding one another up. Our support for one another is endless. Please hold onto this and know this to be true. You are not ever alone.

Good night my friends.  Much love. 💗#hopeful for positivity. #happynewyear #happyroshashana #saturdaymotivation #positivity #saturdayvibes #sweetdreams #goodvibes #positivethinking breathe in the positive and exhale the negative and scary. 💓 I know it is not easy. Sending so much love and compassion. Hope for gifts of what you need. Design

The Joy of the Unknown

Good evening. Monday is here. I hope we all can adjust after the weekend. Wishing you joy.

Instead of being afraid, worried or anxious because of not knowing and fearing the unknown, I am trying something new.  I know that it will be beneficial for me, so I had to share.  The new approach I am taking and encourage anyone who wants to try if they are ready. Now, it may sound simple but it requires mindfulness, commitment, faith, and effort. My approach entails dispelling the fear of the unknown and the anxiety that accompanies it by focusing on the possibility of joy. The joy of newness, connection, adventure, creativity, and learning are just a few of the joys and ecstasies I believe are possible in the unknown.

And maybe the positive mindset I possess and bring forward into the future can lend to creating something more fun, enjoyable, and joyful in life. Maybe we have more power than we think in creating and seeing what we want and need in life just by releasing the previous negative feelings and thoughts we were holding steadfast to. It at least seems worth the effort to give it a try.  Afterall, changing our perspective is half the battle to achieving the change we want. As Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” I am ready to commit to try something different and discover a different result, my joy!

Rest well. If you would like to, then let it percolate or sleep on it. Whichever works for you.  Much love and wishes for the same possibility of joy and positivity  for you. 💓💓 Good night and rest well and enjoy.

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All that I am


All of our experiences make us into the amazing, beautiful, strong, smart, and resilient people we are. Even the negative ones. We grow incredibly from those if given the chance and love needed to do so.  Without the negative experiences we would only be 1/2 of what we are. ❤❤ Good night friends.

Letting Go: Accessing Your Vulnerability

Control is something that evades us in every area of our life accept in how we respond (and if we respond), even if it doesn’t generally feel that way. We often want people to act, react, respond or not respond in certain ways, ways that feel comfortable and “typical” for us because then we don’t have to be vulnerable. We can avoid vulnerability and being real.

Ultimately, avoiding vulnerability is the control we want. Vulnerability is scary and feels out of control (potentially). If or when we “should someone,” we are wanting to control them and not have them jar our perspective or make us feel or disrupt our understanding of how the world and its people work. If we could turn control and avoiding vulnerability around by go inside our hearts and minds and see what we are feeling (and maybe fearing), then we could take care of our own needs and wants, our own vulnerability. Instead of avoiding it. We wouldn’t feel the need to control someone else because we are being true to ourselves. Furthermore, this will also give us the opportunity to be mindful towards the other person. And see them for who they are in their experience (without judgment) and how they are acting. This is the opportunity to be vulnerable and accept them for all that they are and who they are regardless of what it brings up for us. Once we accept ourselves and our own vulnerability we can access and accept other’s vulnerability more easily.

Vulnerability is uncomfortable for many of us. At the same time we make efforts to put ourselves out there and put out our hearts and wholeselves, seeking connection, understanding, love, and acceptance. This is extremely vulnerable. We all want acceptance for whoever we are. ❤💗❤.#vulnerability #acceptance #love #lettinggo


Relax to Reenergize and De-Stress


De-stress!  It is ok and encouraged that you not do anything this weekend. And no shaming, bearing up or berating self can ensue for just relaxing and breathing. You can choose this! Do You!!!

This is how you renew, rejuvenate, and reenergize. Relaxing allows you to decompress, better manage stress, cope easier, and avoid exhaustion, getting sick, and burnout! You deserve free time from working and hustling. Choose you and your personal, beautiful well-being!  No one else can choose for you. Much love and hope for renewal. Xo💗💗

Celebrate with Self-Care!

Happy Friday.  We are almost through the week. Yay, we did it! You can’t see me but I am dancing around in my seat and just relishing that it is Friday and we have reached our precipice.  I am so glad that we made it through. If you made it through the week as a student, school employee, teacher or parent (or care taker)  with children in K-12 (in Florida), way to go. The first week back can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming. I’m wishing you a peaceful, relaxing Friday and weekend.

Now, comes “You-Time!”  What have you done to take care of yourself lately? I’m not talking about brushing your teeth, making a smoothie,  taking a shower or combing your hair. =) Do something to take care of yourself. Maybe a quick salon trip (shampoo or a shave or cut), foot massage, mani/pedi, bubble bath, a massage, a swim, trip to the beach, bike ride, yoga class, or so forth. Just treat yourself to a special something that you don’t do a lot, like maybe Whole Foods or a place that you love (Barnes and Noble, etc. – you know your spot!) that is healthy and good for you and that nurtures your soul and body.  You give so much and deserve to be cared for, too, very much so! We cannot give if we don’t give to ourselves first. Much love and have a beautiful weekend! xox

Celebrate good times part 2



Honoring someone extremely brave and special today (including you!). Some people fight through life and toil due to receiving a terrible lot and very hard lemons along with no way to make lemonade. And they do it! They make lemonade or something else and they claw their way out past all their fears and pain. My heroes. I have so much empathy and compassion for you and all who do this tremendous work on themselves. Honoring you today. I am here for anyone who wants help doing this work or needs to talk to someone about it.  I am here. xo. Much love.❤❤