The Joy of the Unknown

Good evening. Monday is here. I hope we all can adjust after the weekend. Wishing you joy.

Instead of being afraid, worried or anxious because of not knowing and fearing the unknown, I am trying something new.  I know that it will be beneficial for me, so I had to share.  The new approach I am taking and encourage anyone who wants to try if they are ready. Now, it may sound simple but it requires mindfulness, commitment, faith, and effort. My approach entails dispelling the fear of the unknown and the anxiety that accompanies it by focusing on the possibility of joy. The joy of newness, connection, adventure, creativity, and learning are just a few of the joys and ecstasies I believe are possible in the unknown.

And maybe the positive mindset I possess and bring forward into the future can lend to creating something more fun, enjoyable, and joyful in life. Maybe we have more power than we think in creating and seeing what we want and need in life just by releasing the previous negative feelings and thoughts we were holding steadfast to. It at least seems worth the effort to give it a try.  Afterall, changing our perspective is half the battle to achieving the change we want. As Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” I am ready to commit to try something different and discover a different result, my joy!

Rest well. If you would like to, then let it percolate or sleep on it. Whichever works for you.  Much love and wishes for the same possibility of joy and positivity  for you. 💓💓 Good night and rest well and enjoy.

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