Alyse McKeal, LCSW, RPT, MSW, MA

Hello! I know this first step is difficult. Please believe and see how brave you are for taking it. Keep in mind that therapy is a conversation. It doesn’t have to be more or less. Let’s keep it simple. I like to think of it as a chat with someone you will come to connect with around your life and feelings.

My name is Alyse.  I received my Master’s degree in clinical social work and obtained my licensure as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  I also have done post graduate work to become certified as a a Registered Play Therapist for adults, teens, and kiddos. What this means is I am able to bring a level of creativity and needed spontaneity to our therapy conversations that can help unstuck some of the things that get stuck due to trauma and well, life in general. I love doing this work both in the office and through video appointments (also known as telehealth meetings)!

If the time is now, then reach out to me and we can have a chat. Let’s start working together soon.

I am located in Williamsburg, Virginia for office or telehealth appointments, and throughout all of Virginia and Florida I offer telehealth.  I occasionally offer office appointments in Florida if I am able to come to town as a “snow bird.”

I have been a therapist for 8 years, and I believe in support, encouraging, and helping people through this work we will do together!  Ask me about my availability.

Are you feeling anxious, depressed or overwhelmed with a recent change or transition? We all need to connect and feel supported by someone.  I am so glad you found my page! If you want to work through some things, change your life, develop coping skills or just need someone to talk to, then give me a call (856)438-0694 or email me at HearforYou@TherapywithAlyse.com to get started!

Feel free to explore the rest of my site to find out more about me and my background.  Follow me here and on Instagram and Google+, if you like. Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to meeting one day!


Barbara A  I would highly recommend Alyse to my friends and family. I have known Alyse for many years. Alyse is extremely compassionate and easy to talk to. As well, she offers many effective strategies to reduce stress and anxiety. Alyse is caring and sensitive to the needs of others. She brings a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience to her practice.


Laura M  I cannot speak highly enough of Alyse. I have known her for years and have always found her to be extremely kind and compassionate. She is truly dedicated to helping others. I think that anyone who is looking to work on themselves will find an insightful and welcoming guide in Alyse.


Yossi G: Alyse is one of the most loving, compassionate people I have ever known. She is motivated by an innate kindness and her demeanor and engagement with others is healing. I HIGHLY recommend her.

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