Celebrate with Self-Care!

Happy Friday.  We are almost through the week. Yay, we did it! You can’t see me but I am dancing around in my seat and just relishing that it is Friday and we have reached our precipice.  I am so glad that we made it through. If you made it through the week as a student, school employee, teacher or parent (or care taker)  with children in K-12 (in Florida), way to go. The first week back can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming. I’m wishing you a peaceful, relaxing Friday and weekend.

Now, comes “You-Time!”  What have you done to take care of yourself lately? I’m not talking about brushing your teeth, making a smoothie,  taking a shower or combing your hair. =) Do something to take care of yourself. Maybe a quick salon trip (shampoo or a shave or cut), foot massage, mani/pedi, bubble bath, a massage, a swim, trip to the beach, bike ride, yoga class, or so forth. Just treat yourself to a special something that you don’t do a lot, like maybe Whole Foods or a place that you love (Barnes and Noble, etc. – you know your spot!) that is healthy and good for you and that nurtures your soul and body.  You give so much and deserve to be cared for, too, very much so! We cannot give if we don’t give to ourselves first. Much love and have a beautiful weekend! xox

Celebrate good times part 2

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