Letting Go: Accessing Your Vulnerability

Control is something that evades us in every area of our life accept in how we respond (and if we respond), even if it doesn’t generally feel that way. We often want people to act, react, respond or not respond in certain ways, ways that feel comfortable and “typical” for us because then we don’t have to be vulnerable. We can avoid vulnerability and being real.

Ultimately, avoiding vulnerability is the control we want. Vulnerability is scary and feels out of control (potentially). If or when we “should someone,” we are wanting to control them and not have them jar our perspective or make us feel or disrupt our understanding of how the world and its people work. If we could turn control and avoiding vulnerability around by go inside our hearts and minds and see what we are feeling (and maybe fearing), then we could take care of our own needs and wants, our own vulnerability. Instead of avoiding it. We wouldn’t feel the need to control someone else because we are being true to ourselves. Furthermore, this will also give us the opportunity to be mindful towards the other person. And see them for who they are in their experience (without judgment) and how they are acting. This is the opportunity to be vulnerable and accept them for all that they are and who they are regardless of what it brings up for us. Once we accept ourselves and our own vulnerability we can access and accept other’s vulnerability more easily.

Vulnerability is uncomfortable for many of us. At the same time we make efforts to put ourselves out there and put out our hearts and wholeselves, seeking connection, understanding, love, and acceptance. This is extremely vulnerable. We all want acceptance for whoever we are. ❤💗❤.#vulnerability #acceptance #love #lettinggo


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