Being Mindful About Your Feelings

When you are interacting with someone and you get annoyed or have a negative feeling come up, ask yourself what am I really feeling underneath and around the annoyance? Why did it maybe come up? Expound upon your feelings and write them down completely. After, answer the question what am I needing? It may bring you towards a core (or childhood need) or something more immediate, keep digging. For example, “to be accepted.” Write it down after exploring completely. A helpful question may be what does this remind me of?

Write it down, realizing it may come in drips and drabs, little by little. I recommend doing this a little at a time, over time not just in the experience when you get ticked off. This can be a lengthy and sometimes an emotional process to work out. Perhaps involve some journaling, mindfulness activities, exercise, reading, coloring/art, gentle self-care, and talking with loved ones or a professional. Also, you may need to set a gentle boundary or time away from the person who brought this up for you until you work through a little bit (we can talk about boundaries next time or soon). This work is extremely important to do and provides healing for you and anyone doing this work.❤-Alyse McKeal,LCSW
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