Know These Things to be True

Screenshot_2018-08-13-21-16-30-1.pngI long for you to know how beautiful, amazing, and exquisite you are. You are a treasure. Do not let anyone tell you differently. Don’t believe them because they are blind to true beauty. Remind yourself everyday, every minute if it helps. Tell your inner child. I am here to help. Much love ❤ #innerbeauty #thebeautythatcounts #heart #innerchild #loveyourself




Enjoying time away from home and thinking about what inspires. I am loving time away from the daily grind with some of my tribe. The miles may separate us, but our heartstrings hold us close.❤ Love.#inspireme #inspiration

Some of the things that inspire me are: Compassion
Helping others
Brave hearts
Burning candle
Willingness to change
Working on ourselves
Direct, gentle communucation
Shadow work
Welcoming others
Gut feelings
Dogs and animals playing
Thank yous
People helping others
Fur baby kisses and barks
Children playing
Loving kindness compsssion
Family and friends

Kindness and Coffee


This is how I am feeling today,  this fine Wednesday. I am always in need of more kindness in the world and for myself. I will even forego my coffee. 😉

It can be rough dealing with others sometimes especially when they forget to treat us as kind or nice as we need, would like or are used to. All of us get into these mindsets too, that people don’t change or a certain way (negative or positive).  So, we often end up having some bit of projection or transference (More on this at a later date) and are disappointed by them.   Sometimes, there is some of this going on but not always and really we have to meet people where they are at and how they are approaching us. (We are not their therapist, mom, dad, responsible adult, not usually for that one.)  Unfortunately, people are responding based upon what is going on with them, whether it be emotionally, mentally, perceptually, psychologically, and physically. Life is not easy, that is certain. Sigh. Deep breath, sigh. We know that they probably have their own stuff going on but it is still difficult to deal with and we don’t need nor want to be someone’s doormat… that doesn’t feel good and it’s not our job.  Yet, if we knew how they were feeling or thinking, it would easier to be compassionate.  Maybe we could try to imagine how they are feeling/thinking and hold a space for that. Perhaps if we meet them with compassion and kindness, they will in turn be able to provide us with a safer, kinder place.  And if they are not able to do so, then what is really lost in that? I find that when I am more compassionate to others, that then I in turn can be more compassionate with myself (whether it my adult self, my inner child, etc.)   So that is what is gained a growing compassion for the self. We can never, repeat, not ever, be too compassionate with ourselves.

It has been a tough week, so far. So, it is my final week of working 4 ten hour days with Fridays off due to summer sessions ending. Although I love my Fridays, I am looking forward to being back to the usual 8 hour or so hour days and 2 day weekends. Change is good but tough. Sending you kindness x 20. Enjoy your day!

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Relationships and Connections


Being connected to others makes us feel safe, accepted, cared for, and understood in an otherwise lonely existence. It is not needy to want connection. It is human!Otherwise we would be alone.

This does not mean that you get all your needs met by a connection or connection, but that some of your needs are met through your connections and by connecting. You will still have the opportunity for self-care and meeting your own needs outside of these connections. This is one reason it is not co-dependent. It is important to remember, too, that even though you get some needs met by your loved ones and those you connect with, they are not responsible for how you feel, your happiness, or your life. That is yours to build and develop. #connecting #human existence #love #longing